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Months ago, we started a collaboration with Kitty Solaris (musician, label manager, promoter) to bring her music in Italy. She is on the roads since years. Kitty Solaris knows everything and everybody about Berlin and she knows even better what is going on in Berlin’s indie music scene. And we asked her some questions about it.

Kitty Solaris welcome! Just let introduce yourself.  

My name is Kitty Solaris, I’m a Berlin a based musician, writing songs, singing and playing guitar. Together with my drummer Steffen Schlosser we recorded 5 albums and played a lot of gigs in Berlin and Germany and other places. Since 2007 I have my own record label called Solaris Empire. I started with the label ‘cause I thought the easiest thing is doing it by  yourself. Besides my own records I released musicians from all other the world, Australia, Austria, France, Sweden, Italy and Berlin of course. 

So you have good vibrations with Italy and Italian artists!

There is a strong connection with Italy. A couple of years ago I met this a fantastic Band from Venice,  called GrimoonAnd  Marta Collica from Sepiatone, who is just releasing her new album Inverno in Italy. Last year I met this wonderful Band Black Eyed Dog from Sicily at Schokoladen where I organize a regular concert night called Lo-Fi Lounge.

Do you live with this? Earn enough money?  

Yes I earn some money but I got also other jobs as a German teacher.
I’m also doing album promotion for bands through magazines, online platforms and radio stations.  

What do you think about booking, here in Germany? Good conditions?  

From my point of view, from my experience and the people I know about the booking situation, I could clearly say it’s a mess. Very often you have door deals. Sometimes you have to rent the club and it only works for the very well-know bandsI’m worried about the development of independent music. There is not enough support for the small project/artists. The music business is tricky. CDs does not get sold anymore, Music digital platforms like Spotify are giving away the music almost for free and they don’t pay much for the artists. It would be great to build up a community. There any many artists based in Berlin and it would be good to get connected to get better conditions and support.

Do you think Berlin is the right place to be an artist, right now? 

Actually I don’t know. I’m not sure, everybody is coming to Berlin and the scene is fragmented. There are many international bands coming to Berlin, but few coming out of Berlin. Actually, do you know many bands from here? Not so much, right. And Berlin is considered like capital of European music. As Kitty Solaris artist I could suggest Berlin Bands like Man Behind TreeThe Still, Elyas Khan, Sorry Gilberto, Tonia Reeh, La Tourette, Sicker ManRobot, The Somnambulist and Case van Douzer.

How do you find a band as a label or booker ? 

Most of the time through personal contacts. I receive also quite often emails from bands and pick up some from that. 

Favorite Clubs?

I like SchokoladenBei RuthMonarch, Donau115, Bassy ClubÄ, Acud and a couple more:) 

Future plans and projects? 

I want to bild up a strong connection in Berlin to help each other and support each others. There is a lot to do. We are also working on the next Kitty Solaris album Cold City and looking forward to the Italian tour dates in April!


Kitty Solaris Italian gigs are available on our Facebook page Threevi’s.