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It was a coincidence when I’ve discovered Reverie on Youtube 3 years ago. It was one of these “recommended video for you” and when I heard first time her voice I come closer my laptop to see who was singing. The lyrics were so aggressive even with a big contrast with the melody of her voice. She’s coming from barrios latinos in Los Angeles and her English is easily understandable, clear and pure compare to other rappers from NY or South US and it helps me to understand her songs.

The video in question was On The Road and soon I listened to 1 Syllable, Nothing To Say and all her 2 albums uploaded on Youtube for 2 long days, weeks maybe. I followed Reverie for the last 3 years, wrote her comments on Fb (and she remembers mine!), I discovered many others female rappers, including Gavlyn and when I read she was coming to Berlin to play I wrote to her booker to schedule an interview. She accepted even we were short on time because of soundcheck: so that’s more or less what we talked to.

Chatting in the backstage

Hi Rev, Hi Gavlyn. It such an honor for me. Seeing you under a screen for years, listen to your songs on mp3, watching videos and now here:) (laughing….c’mon! Thanks to you to coming to our show tonight;)

What do you like to do in Berlin when you drop here?: I’ve here around a couple of times. I was in April and also I was in Germany 2 years ago but that tour was not supposed to join Berlin. What I like the most here? Actually coming in tour means moving from train to hotel to concert to hotel again to train, so time is running. But I was at Festival of Lights in October and I saw Berliner Dome and some other buildings! That’s so dope! After show we’re chilling in this club so I don’t think we’re going out!

Which are the typical issue to be female rapper nowadays? I don’t think it’s a limit, but I think it’s harder which is different. You need to put more efforts. You have to fight against a lots of sexism, a lots of men don’t take female rappers seriously. It’s definitely harder but also I think have to manage the advantage for both sexes as well, me and her (Gavlyn) are changing the game forever, the game will never be the same, in the past female rappers didn’t work together. Female rappers before were great, definitely, but didn’t work in unity now it’s changing we’re having a fuckin’ tour together, we’re getting shows together in a kind of way we’re open the way for all female rappers.

Reverie, Gavlyn and Dj LALA

Since when Gavlyn and you are working together?

This is our first tour together I do not really remember how we met because it was a long time ago, but we chatted on FB because I love her music and how she put herself into lyrics. Personally we met at an event organised by The Cypher Effect but all of us coming from L.A. I’m from Highland Park and Dj LALA, she’s touring with us, comes from Orange County.

Dj LALA was doing soundcheck and then she came for a bit and spoke Italian with us due to her Italian boyfriend Orange Beat (3x Beat Box Italian Champion) and how she spent her last holiday in Sicily. Also Reverie came several times in Italy and she said next time she will buy a house in Puglia 😉 Or was it Sicily?!

So, 2017 will be a full years and news stuff are coming up! My career is having a speed right know I started to get in fashion (reveriebasement.com) I’m putting a lots in social media cause I  will let people to know me personally, not only through music and I see people really appreciated it. It was 2 years ago when I dropped my last album and I have 3 projects right now so it’s going great I have so much music right now. My next album is dropping out in spring and I’m co-producing some of the beats. I’m excited about that it will be dope!

Reverie and Enkrypt with fans

After the gig, Reverie, Gavlyn, Dj Lala and Los Angeles based photographer Enkrypt, an amazing girl which is dealing with almost all Reverie’s projects (photos, video directing, editing, etc) took place at merch table and there, we took a small chat again. They were quite busy to sell, take picture with fans (more than 200 people), talking to them. We talked about L.A. because at the time I was planning to go there and Gavlyn and her recommended me some spot like Orange County, Venice Beach, Downtown, Echo Park. Then, the discussion moved to social networks and Reverie commented how they are important for an artist: if she could join those possibilities to touring Europe is because people may know her through them. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram are the basics to spread the word and help artists to sell their works. And for that, she’s so active in it. Because of the limitless line of fans, we didn’t have enough time to finish the interview even Reverie, Gavlyn, Dj Lala and Enkrypt were so friendly and open to continue. Also asked us to join their private party after the merch, but we declined the invite. I’m still asking why I did. 

All 2gether 😉